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SEMiLLA Sanitation

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SEMiLLA Sanitation & Nijhuis Industries are focusing on increasing the amount of fresh water and food in the world. The world population is growing, and enough food and water are needed. We design and build off-grid working modular containers including sanitation, wastewater treatment systems. This innovation contributes to United Nation’s sixth Sustainable Development goal, the creation of circular economies, pollution reduction, creation of business opportunities, and improvement of the global food security.

SEMiLLA Sanitation collaborates with organisations to spread awareness (via Pee to Tea) about the global water, sanitation and food challenges and the need for change. Additionally, festivals and events provide the perfect opportunities to test the hubs and spread the word.

Currently, SEMiLLA Sanitation and Nijhuis Industries put all their efforts into increasing impact and to create a more sustainable world. Some examples: Water neutral & Sewage less buildings in Silvolde, Heuvelstraat, BlueCity Rotterdam and Zone College in Doetinchem and implementing closed loop systems in Ghana and Uganda with Toilets, Treatment (biogas/compost/irrigation water) and Trees (for regreening, food and timber).