Mousse T.


Moderator for the day

We know Mousse T. as a Grammy nominee and remix expert, who mixes up the hottest clubs as a DJ. As a self-confessed Hannoverian and music curator, who celebrates international success as a producer and musician. But if you look beneath the surface you realize that Mousse T. is so much more.

For almost 30 years his label "Peppermint Jam Records" has been celebratinginternational success. From the pen of Mousse T. come all-time-dancefloor favorites like "Horny", "Is It' cos I'm Cool" or "Pop Muzak". He wrote the mega-hit "Sexbomb" for pop legend Tom Jones and made and immortalized himself in music history.

As a remixer, he has already worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and the Backstreet Boys. No matter which genre - Mousse T. has always delivered the perfect groove. In addition Mousse T. was part of the jury in the 15th season of the RTL show "Deutschland sucht the Superstar" part of the jury.

However, if you look behind the musical facade, you realize that Mousse T. has many other facets to his artistic work. For example, together with the renowned criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke, as part of the new platform launch of ARD Kultur he published the Podcast "Melody OF Crime" . The two hosts analyze the most well-known and most exciting criminal cases from the cultural sector.

But with success comes responsibility. Mousse T. was quick to and saw it as an obligation to stand up for social, political and above all ecological issues. He recognized the urgent need to reduce the music industry's footprint of the music industry and actively advocates for environmentally friendly practices in the industry. He has also been a Member of the Green Party for many years, also promoting dialogue at the cultural policy level.

Mousse T. has thus not only made a name for himself as an outstanding musician, but also as a pioneer and role model in the area of sustainability. His commitment to the protection of our planet and and his commitment to sustainable action have not only influenced the music world, but has also inspired many people to work for a more sustainable future.


Nela König