Green Events Hamburg, Board Member, Vorständin



Green Events Hamburg, Board Member

Panel: Concerts and climate protection: Nothing but nice words? |

Lena is the hydrogen generator of Green Events Hamburg: she builds new partnerships and maintains existing ones, develops strategies and acquires funds for their implementation. Since 2017 she has been part of the steering committee and board member of the non-profit association. As a sustainability scientist, she has been working as an independent consultant on building and implementing international multi-stakeholder partnerships focusing on agricultural supply chains. Back in her hometown of Hamburg, she wanted to increasingly support local projects from 2015 on, and came to the Green Events Hamburg network via the altonale cultural festival, then started setting up their offices. In the meantime, GEHH has advised more than 30 event organizers, developed a handout with more than 100 institutions, coordinated campaigns, and implemented various pilot projects in the culture/sustainability sector.

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