Friday, 22 September 2023
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Schmidts Tivoli
4:30 PM - 7 PM Sonnendeck St. Pauli

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SUSTAIN! – Green Culture Summit 

The sound of sustainability: Please give it up for the first circularity and sustainability conference for the music and event industry as part of Reeperbahn Festival! Exciting panels, keynotes and inspiring good practices await you on Friday 22 September between 09:30 AM and 4:30 PM at event location Schmidts Tivoli (Spielbudenplatz) in the heart of Hamburg. 


One-day SUSTAIN! Summit is a place for empowerment and inspiration. Motivating examples from the music and event industry meet politics, science – and these elementary questions in Hamburg: How do we succeed in sustainably transforming the cultural sector? How can we finance sustainability and learn from inspiring examples of good practice from all over Europe? 


SUSTAIN! summit is accessible and free of charge, even without a Reeperbahn festival or conference ticket. We invite all event organizers, sustainability managers and interested parties to participate in SUSTAIN! - Green Culture Summit! 


We end the afternoon at beach club Sonnendeck St.Pauli (located near Landungsbrücken) with opportunities to network and share drinks while enjoying a panoramic view of the river Elbe. 


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The program of this premiere includes exciting speakers from the political realm, the event and music industry, science and climate activism. In three panel discussions, two keynotes and (at least) one round of bullshit bingo on the topic of the climate crisis, theoretical and practical knowledge from combining culture and sustainability will be conveyed to decision-makers. The aim of the event is to connect a nationwide and international network of professionals from the music and event industry to sustainability and circularity and to pass on practical knowledge.

In the foyer of the summit, you can discover an exhibition area by initiatives and service providers around sustainability and circularity in the cultural sector. Here you can find innovative ideas from the field of circular economy or get in touch with initiatives and service providers directly.



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Ende:End: 10:15
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Opening words

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

The Changency, Green Events Hamburg

Panel Details

Please give it up for SUSTAIN! – Green Culture Summit

What if we not only know the solutions for a better future, but also implement them? That's what the initiators of SUSTAIN! thought and set up a summit that is about exactly that: empowerment and optimism instead of a mindset of apocalypse. This conference is featuring change makers from all over Europe who are already living the green transformation in the cultural sector and are sharing their knowledge. Welcome to the premiere of SUSTAIN!

Ende:End: 10:30

What you measure you will manage: Climate assessments for the Reeperbahnfestival

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Ramona Kappmeyer

Panel Details

The Reeperbahn Festival is proactively moving forward: In the project "Klimabilanz Reeperbahn Festival" up to 7 venues of the Reeperbahn Festival will receive a climate balance for the year 2023. According to "What you measure you will manage", the basis for a change of direction towards the vision of a climate-neutral Reeperbahn Festival can be laid and practical first steps in this direction can be taken. How these steps look like and what are the biggest climate factors in the cultural sector will be presented in this lecture.

The project is made possible by funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. The assessments will be carried out by experts from Thema1 GmbH and presented at the Reeperbahn Festival 2024.

Ende:End: 10:45
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Welcome by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Michael Kellner

Panel Details

Welcome by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

Michael Kellner (Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the Federal Government's contact person for the cultural and creative industries) will address the challenges and opportunities of climate protection and circularity for the event industry in his welcoming speech.

Ende:End: 11:30
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Concerts and climate protection: Nothing but nice words?

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Lena Hansen, Ole Plogstedt, Stephan Thanscheidt, Michael Kellner


Jan Becker

Panel Details

Once again, the music business is falling behind. While large companies like Intel or Thyssen-Krupp are supported with billions in their transformation efforts towards climate-friendly production conditions, the majority of the emission-intensive concert industry is only offered advice. Yet almost all sectors of the economy were considered in the conception of the European Union's Green Deal. There is also the German government's Climate and Transformation Fund, 2023 with a budgeted spending volume of almost 36 billion Euro, as well as countless other support programmes to improve the climate balance.

But where are those funding instruments and monetary subsidies for the necessary modernisation of concerts, tours and festivals in terms of climate protection? How needs-oriented are these programmes, or are they once again threatened only by the political offside trap of "not systemically relevant"?

Ende:End: 12:00

Networking Break

Ende:End: 12:30
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Right here, right now: All for 1.5 degrees vs can Open Airs still take place in the future? Scientific keynote

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob

Panel Details

Festival cancellations due to forest fires, hailstorms and extreme weather - can we still safely set up open air events in the future?

The scientific input by climate scientist and IPCC report author Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob classifies which effects man-made climate change has: now and in the future. Plus the bonus question: What are planetary boundaries and which ones have we already exceeded? Where are opportunities for the event industry?

Ende:End: 12:55
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Forget your strife, embrace life: Plant a SEEED Sustainability meets your favorite band Keynote and interview

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Prof. Thomas Sakschewski, Katrin Wipper, Sarah Lüngen

Panel Details

Embrace life: For the study 'Plant a SEEED' The Changency (Katrin Wipper, Sarah Lüngen) together with Prof. Thomas Sakschweski from Berlin University of Applied Sciences took a close look at five concerts of German band Seeed in Berlin's Wuhlheide in regards to their environmental impact. The results answer what levers the music and event industry must pull in order to still be throwing the best party on the planet in 5 years. And does the audience actually go along with all this 'green clunk'? Does sustainability communication directed at fans help or hinder sales for event organizers?

Ende:End: 14:00
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Take the money and run - Can we afford sustainability as an industry?

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Nina Laible, Tabea Kaplan, Annika Rittmann, Daniel Schneider, Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob


Fine Stammnitz

Panel Details

From Hell yeah to Fuck no: This critical discussion addresses the topic of additional costs, climate impact costs and climate adaptation costs in the music and event industry. Plus: Has anyone thought of social responsibility yet?

In addition, how must policymakers support the cultural industry in its transformation? What is the truth about these alleged additional costs? How much does 'business as usual' cost, and who pays the price tag for this?

This panel brings together a variety of opinions, and that's a good thing: practical experience and budgets on the part of organizers and artists meet political framework conditions and restrictions. At the same time, climate experts and the good conscience of activism aka Fridays For Future zoom out into the big picture and share facts for the music and event industry - plus possible savings in case of a quick transformation.

Ende:End: 14:15

Networking Break

Ende:End: 14:45
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Bullshit Bingo Climate Crisis


Mia Heresch & 

Mousse T.

Panel Details

"Bullshit Bingo climate crisis“: Experience 30 minutes of love, bullshit and climate crisis. In the interactive "Bullshit Bingo climate crisis", clichés and absurd statements about the climate crisis will be reproduced and the contradictions and exaggerations in the debate will be refuted fact-based thanks to the experts from Klimadashboard.de. Each visitor will receive a bingo card with buzzwords and bullshit at the entrance - from technology openness to climate highways, we will evaluate the most beautiful bullshit phrases of the climate debate. And the best thing about it: You will not only get helpful information for the next bullshit debate: the first bingo will also receive a little surprise, no bullshit!"

Ende:End: 15:00

Networking Break

Ende:End: 16:00
Ort:Location: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz

Beyond borders: circular festivals & innovations in Europe

Sprecher*innen: Speaker:

Jasper Goossen, Sanne Stephansen, Daan Stigter, Jamal Chalabi, Peter Scheer


Claire O'Neill

Panel Details

This panel is an ode to empowerment: Jasper Goossen (CEO DGTL Festival, NL) lets us in on which obstacles the DGTL team had to overcome on the path to the world's most famous circular festival. Sanne Stephansen (head of sustainability Roskilde festival, DK) shares their festival's success story in visitor engagement and what their circular lab envisions. 
Daan Stigter (Labvlieland, Into The Great Wide Open, NL) shares which sustainable and circular measures are 'fan favorites' and have the most impact.
There is nothing you can do as a touring artist? Tour and production manager Jamal Chalabi (Yungblud/Massive Attack; head of touring AGF, UK) lists a number of measures he has implemented on tour and why communication is key. Turning urine by concertgoers into tea and what it's like to work with space agencies and festivals: Peter Scheer (Semilla Sanitation, NL) shares their circularity vision! 

Ende:End: 19:00
Ort:Location: Beachclub Sonnendeck St. Pauli (Bei den Landungsbrücken)

Networking with a view

Panel Details

We end the conference with a cold drink in hand and panoramic views of the river Elbe at this networking event!

Speakers & guests

Speakers & guests

Tabea Kaplan


Loft Concerts GmbH
"Backlash Productions; AGF; Tour & Production Manager"


Backlash Productions, AGF, Tour & Production Manager
Apenkooi Events/ DGTL festival CEO


Apenkooi Events/ DGTL festival CEO
Green Events Hamburg, Board Member, Vorständin


Green Events Hamburg, Board Member
Klimawissenschaftlerin Prof Dr Daniela Jacob


Lead author 1.5 degree special report by the IPCC, climate scientist, director Climate Service Center GERICS atam Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, DE
Bilabel - credits Daniel Pasche.jpg

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel

Head of Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien, founder of the Green Music Initiative, management at Thema1 GmbH
Kopie von MarvinContessi-RBF_Teamfotos_Day4_0056.jpg

Ramona Kappmeyer

COO RBX GmbH / Reeperbahn Festival
Mike Keller


Markthalle Hamburg / Managing Director / Sustainability Manager
Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär Bundesministerium Wirtschaft & Klimaschutz;   Ansprechpartner der Bundesregierung für die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft


Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection; Contact person of the Federal Government for the cultural and creative industries
bergmanngruppe - Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragte / Neventa - Green Consulting


bergmanngruppe and Neventa - Green Consulting, Sustainability manager
Founder & sustainability Manager – The Changency


The Changency, Founder & Sustainability Manager
Rote Gourmet Fraktion, Chefkoch


Rote Gourmet Fraktion, chef
Pressesprecherin Fridays for Future


Fridays for Future, publicist and activist
Berliner Hochschule für Technik


Berlin University of Technology
SEMiLLA Sanitation / Nijhuis Saur Industries, managing partner


SEMiLLA Sanitation und Nijhuis Saur Industries, Managing partner


Member of parliament, founder Deichbrand festival
Roskilde Festival, Head of Sustainability


Roskilde Festival, Head of Sustainability
Labor Vlieland, Nachhaltigkeitsmanager


Lab Vlieland, Sustainability Manager
CEO FKP Scorpio


FKP Scorpio, CEO
Founder & sustainability Manager – The Changency


The Changency, Founder & Sustainability Manager


Claire Louise O’Neill


A Greener Future / CEO and Co Founder


Mia Heresch

Mia Heresch

Moderator for the day
Founder& Director / Acrvist


Green Touring Network and Music Declares Emergency, Founder & activist

Mousse T.

Moderator for the day


Music Declares Emergency Logo

Music Declares Emergency Germany

SEMiLLA Sanitation & Nijhuis Industries

SEMiLLA Sanitation

MITC "Music Industry Therapist Collective"

MITC "Music Industry Therapist Collective"

LiveMusikKommission e.V.

LiveMusikKommission e.V.


optimal media

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung

Fab City Hamburg e.V.

Fab City Hamburg e.V.



SUSTAIN! - Green Culture Summit takes place for the first time and was initiated by The Changency – Agentur für nachhaltigen Wandel, Green Events Hamburg and Mike Keller (Managing Director of Markthalle venue in Hamburg and head of sustainability at BDKV, German association for venues and concert locations). The concept was refined in close cooperation with Reeperbahn Festival.



Green Events Hamburg

Green Events Hamburg is an open network for future-oriented events.

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The Changency – Agentur für nachhaltigen Wandel

Our hearts are beating for music and our planet. No matter if you are an artist, booking agency, promoter, label or management – we are happy about every person who wants to make the music industry more sustainable and fair together with us.

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